new cupcake flavorsIt is hard to believe that there is so much thought that goes into a cupcake! After hanging around our bakery it became clear to me that these girls take it seriously! Beginning with the type of cake to use, to the flavor of filling, the color and taste of toppings, to finishing off each one with the perfect "look." They use the finest ingredients like pure vanilla, sweet rich butter and fresh eggs and the moist rich buttercream icing will melt in your mouth!

Twelve flavors are baked each morning in mini and full size so that you can stop by for a quick snack, pick up a selection for your friends or family, or choose your favorite flavors to box up and surprise the office. Of course you can contact us at anytime to place a special occasion or event order where we will work with you to create any theme or desired look possible.

If you're looking for an impressive dessert that is easy to serve, portion-controlled and can be eaten easily on the go or served on fine china, our cupcakes are the way to go!


Flavors of the Month:

new cupcake flavors

Each month we offer a selection of standard and seasonal flavors that perfectly compliment each other. For information on our seasonal offerings, please call or email us!